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Information on our citrus

  • Do oranges and tangerines are part of the Mediterranean diet?

    The Mediterranean diet is synonymous with healthy, balanced diet, and currently is a role model in preventive medicine.

    Fruits, as is the case mandarin oranges and our quality (available in our Shop online for purchase), part of its composition, providing variety nutritious diet, and in particular our citrus, available year round in different varieties, allow a contribution of vitamin C and antioxidants, necessary for a healthy balanced diet, and as a preventive measure in different diseases. In fact, poor dietary intake of Vitamin C or ascorbic acid, may be responsible for many diseases. Vitamin C is necessary for the production of collagen, of hormones and neurotransmitters, citrus being a natural source of Vitamin C, without having to resort to vitamin supplements, that can result in unhealthy excess.

    Main properties of Vitamin C:

    * Antioxidant properties, favoring the elimination of free radicals generated by the body, and outer.

    *Presents positive properties in the treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer's, and fibromyalgia.

    *Increased defense.

    *Anti-bacterial properties for the prevention of gastric ulcers, etc..

    *Eye Properties, preventing cataracts and improving vision.

    *Reducing the impact of diabetes II (Poor vision, infections, healing problems).

    *Lowers blood pressure and prevents the risk of vascular disease.

    *Antihistaminic properties to prevent allergies and asthma attacks, sinusitis, etc..

    *Improves symptoms and reduces the duration of diseases of the cold winters, like the flu of all types, colds, Bronchitis, etc..

    *Exerts laxative.

  • What is the best way to take oranges and tangerines?

    Vitamin C, easily decomposes on contact with air, making it suitable peel fruits before eating little, por lo tanto, foods that have higher levels of Vitamin C are fresh. So is, por lo tanto, with oranges therefores, maintaining all of these properties, and their quality.

  • What is the daily requirement of Vitamin C?

    Generally, the required dose of the vitamin would 90 mg in men and 75 mg in women, may vary according to other conditions. A large glass of orange juice equals 125 mg and one medium orange to 80 mg.


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  • What is the traceability of our oranges and tangerines quality?

    Traceability to determine the cause, if food problems, and recover the proceeds to impose a risk to consumer health. In short, Traceability systems help to strengthen quality and safety aspects. Also, allows food to be marketed globally identifiable and distinguishable.

    All our products are labeled. The tags are covered by Community marketing standard applicable to fresh fruit and vegetables. On labels, data as specified: Product Type, variety, quality, etc..

    These oranges and tangerines of good quality, that we offer in our shop online for purchase by Internet.

  • Who supports the guarantee of our quality products?

    El International Food Standard (IFS) maximum quality standard, ensuring our know-how, and that our products meet the greater demand for food safety and quality. As demonstrated by the certification of our store Canals (Valencia)

  • Why choose Roulette?

    -Because our products include single premium citrus: oranges and tangerines harvested at their optimum maturity. For our customers enjoy the taste of your purchase and feel cheated.

    -Because our citrus fruits come from the Valencia, reference in Spain that guarantees the quality assurance of our products.

    -Because our products are packaged through a demanding and detailed craft process, performed manually, perfected and handed down from our origins to the present.

    -The facilities which offer our online store to purchase our quality oranges and tangerines Internet.

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