• How I can place an order?

    The order can be placed by telephone, calling the telephone number or through our online store www.naranjasinternet.com..


  • What are the payment methods for online purchase of oranges in our shop?

    Payment methods available are:

    * Bank Transfer

    * Visa

    * PayPal

    * Contrarrembolso

  • Is there a minimum order quantity in the purchase of oranges and tangerines online or by phone?

    The minimum order quantity to buy oranges and clementines online or by phone, is a box, Is there a discount for the second box. For example:

    Order 1 clementine orange crate or

    Price 1 st case (TRANSPORT + VAT INCLUDED)


    Order 2 boxes oranges or clementines

    Price 1 st 2 nd box box price – 2,50 euro discount(TRANSPORT VAT INCLUDED)


    Order 3 boxes oranges or clementines

    Price 1 st 2 nd box box price + 3 rd box price– (2,50 euros x 2 boxes = 5 euro discount) (TRANSPORT VAT INCLUDED)

    So on,meaning that for every case we ask for more,nos save 2,50 euros.

  • Quality oranges: What is the best way to keep Citrus?

    Depending on the season. When the ambient temperature is less than or equal to 22 ° C, oranges and mandarins should be kept in a cool, dry place for no more than a week, so that the fruit will not lose their organoleptic, and therefore its capacity after purchase. If the temperature is above 22 º C should be kept in the refrigerator, although it would be convenient to enjoy the full flavor, mandarin oranges or take out one hour before eating.

  • What if there are any problems with the receipt of our oranges or tangerines?

    You must contact us by phone at , or through the contact section, and try to solve as quickly as possible your problem, to be totally satisfied.