About Us

Our origins

Nuestras naranjas valencianas de calidad

Our company is a family business, founded by D. Antonio González Climent, in the year 1962, until the year 1989, are incorporated in full their children, to business.

Thereafter, the company has continued its development and growth, as an organization to the present.

Our company, wants to be recognized as an organization that provides quality and excellence in itscitrus, both national and European level.

Our organization is consolidated into the European market, with the recognition of our brands of oranges and tangerines, endorsed by the quality, work with the aim of getting the best product and helping to protect the health of our customers.

To maintain personal and direct contact with our customers, we have incorporated the shop online, to thereby facilitate the purchase of oranges and tangerines online, for the customer to conveniently receive the order at home.